Mission Control Troubleshooting Tip – Logging

So, you’re having a bad day. Mission Control isn’t behaving the way it is supposed to, and you would really like it to be a bit more verbose about what it is doing. These are things you can try to make Mission Control a bit more talkative:

  1. Start Mission Control in debug mode, by adding the –debug flag. This will change the default java.util logging settings to also output FINE information. A note of caution – this may make various subsystems, such as chart rendering, to output debugging information in the GUI too.
  2. If FINE is not enough, you  can specify your own logging properties file in the preferences, directly under the Mission Control preference node. You can use the logging_debug.properties file in the com.jrockit.mc.rcp.application plugin as a starting point.
  3. Enable logging of Eclipse RCP related issues to the console, by specifying the –consoleLog flag.
  4. On windows, the jrmc launcher is derived from the javaw launcher – you will need to redirect stderr like this: 2>&1.

For example:

jmc –consoleLog –debug 2>&1 | more

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