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I’m currently working for Datadog. Check out our amazing continuous profiling product.

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  1. Dear Marcus,

    I was wondering if you give (on-site) training on JMC / JFR? I work for an outsourcing company where we encounter lots of Java on both servers and clients, and many of us would be much interest in a tool for diagnosis and profiling. (note: I also asked you via Twitter as @akaasjager).

    If you do give training, how many days woukd you normally spend? And what would be the cost? I’d expect about 20 people joining, including customer’s employees.

    Please note that this is currently just an idea / investigation after possibilities.

    Thanks in advance,
    kind regards,

    Alexander Kaasjager

    Please note

  2. Paulo Lima says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I am trying to change the character set on my LCD display, but I am not getting it to work … I want to use table A02 (the up and down arrows characters). Any ideas ??? I could not find in your code where do you selected the character set table …

    thank you,

  3. Tahseen Mohammad says:

    I have a very interesting JFR dump to share. I also have a small sample application that faithfully replicates a very interesting classloader/allocation issue that I think would have been nearly impossible to detect without JFR. I can send you the dump and sample code that illustrates the isuse if you want. I had taken your email at JavaOne explicitly for such purpose but have seen to lost it since.

    Come to think of it, you can also get the dumps, sample in the Spring issue that I created with description of the problem.

    I have been using JFR primarily for allocation profiling since its a feature not found in any other tool. I also have few other very illuminating finding to share from just a single JFR dump that I would love to share.

    I expected from your presentation that for me the ability to use JFR would be extremely useful and so far JFR had met my expecting in days after the first delpoyment of JDK7 in production. So thanks.

  4. adrian says:


    I’m putting together a JMC plugin and have made some progress using the excellent instructions on your blog. I have a ‘flowchart’ of my system showing remote MBean attribute values for the various components.

    I’d like to be able to call MBean operations by pushing a button, similar to the MBeans Browser tab. I have the button and event handler in my plugin but can’t figure out how to get my MBean and invoke the operation. Any guidance you can offer would be most welcome.


  5. Adi Lev says:

    How you set permission for JMC in server.xml when running TOMCAT8W as a service so it will open the port and be connected (I used external ip of the machine, not as this is the convention in implementation)

  6. Christian Nicoll says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I enjoyed your yesterdays talk about the JFR in Z├╝rich. I’ve checked today the JUG page to download your presentation and to share the slides with my colleagues. Unfortunatly they don’t have uploaded the slides yet. Can you please send me the presentation?

    Thanks and regards,

  7. Ranjit Khera says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I attended the JavaOne conference and the lab you did on JMC. I think you mentioned a copy of the lab exercises were here on your blog, but I can not find them. Can you point to were I can find the pdf of the lab exercises on JMC.

    Thank you,


  8. Kuba Staszczyk says:

    A few years ago, we were talking about a problem with memory on WLS. Today I have another problem with thread on Orace API – Could I consult with you on this topic
    Regards Kuba

  9. Marcus says:

    At the time of writing the latest version of the labs can be found here:

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