Lock Instance Visualization (JRMC 4.1.0)

For those of you who want pretty lock instance visualization, but do not want to build it yourselves, I have added a slightly more elaborate version as a downloadable plug-in here:

Simply download it and put it into your JROCKIT_HOME/missioncontrol/plugins folder. After restarting, you should have a tab that looks something like this:


The red bars in the range selector are, as usual, events visualized in the tab. The green bars in the range selector are GC events. As usual, if you do not like something about the GUI, feel free to use the design view to change it. The easiest way to get the design view to appear, is to press ctrl-1. This will bring up the Mission Control command console:


Enter enable then press ctrl-space to auto complete. Select enabledesignview from the list:


Then press the ‘play’ button. A new view will appear:


Close the Commands view and put the design view wherever you feel most comfortable having it. You can now, whenever you want to redesign a tab, pause that tab and enter the design mode by pressing the stop button in the design view: