The JRockit Book is Now in Print!

Yes. I know. It’s been in print for some days already, but I haven’t found time to write about it until now. The book is a good guide for JVM’s in general, and for JRockit in particular. If you’ve ever wondered how the innards of the Java Virtual Machine works, or how to use the JRockit Mission Control to hunt down problems in your Java applications, this book is for you.

8068_Oracle JRockit The Definitive Guide_Cov

The book is written for intermediate to advanced Java Developers.

These are the chapters:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Adaptive Code Generation
  3. Adaptive Memory Management
  4. Threads and Synchronization
  5. Benchmarking and Tuning
  6. JRockit Mission Control
  7. The Management Console
  8. The Runtime Analyzer
  9. The Flight Recorder
  10. The Memory Leak Detector
  11. JRCMD
  12. Using the JRockit Management APIs
  13. JRockit Virtual Edition

    Appendix A: Bibliography
    Appendix B: Glossary

The book is 588 pages long.
For more information about the book, see the book page at Packt.