My JavaOne 2016 Sessions

This year I’ll be doing two sessions and one HoL:

Title: Java Mission Control and JFR in JDK 9: A Sneak Peek [CON1509]

In JDK 9, the JFR APIs will become supported, so you can now rely on the JFR APIs for both controlling Oracle Java Flight Recorder and introducing your own custom JFR data into the recordings. Also, with JDK 9, a new major, very different version of the Oracle Java Mission Control feature of Oracle Java SE Advanced will be released.

This session takes a sneak peek into what the new APIs for controlling the Oracle Java Flight Recorder feature will look like and provides migration guidelines from the old APIs. It also goes through some of the highlights of the completely redesigned Oracle Java Mission Control 6.0.0, such as the automatic analysis of flight recordings. A quick intro to the new bytecode instrumentation agent used internally by Oracle Java Mission Control 6 is also provided.


Title: Using Oracle Java Flight Recorder in an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle [CON1511]

This session shows how the speaker used the Oracle Java Mission Control and Oracle Java Flight Recorder features of Oracle Java SE Advanced to record large quantities of data from the sensors in a little hobby project: a small autonomous robotic vehicle running Oracle Java SE Embedded.

The session focuses on how to use Oracle Java Flight Recorder to great advantage where resources are scarce and where overhead can cause significant problems. It also discusses how to build custom integration for Oracle Java Flight Recorder, using APIs already available in Oracle’s HotSpot JDK, and how the speaker went about designing, 3-D-printing, and building the actual hardware and software.


Title: Java Mission Control 5.5 [HOL1510] (with David Buck)

This session shows how the Oracle Java Mission Control and Oracle Java Flight Recorder features of Oracle Java SE Advanced can be used to solve various commonly encountered production-time profiling and diagnostics problems. It also shows how various Oracle Java Mission Control plug-ins can be installed and put to good use to further extend the functionality of Oracle Java Mission Control.

Among other things, the session looks at
• Reducing memory pressure
• Maximizing throughput
• Reducing heap usage (heap waste analysis)


Looking forward to seeing you at JavaOne 2016! 🙂