Laziness is the Mother of All Inventions

I recently got tired of monitoring the weather for various locations to find a nice time and spot to fly my planes. Enter WindBot. WindBot sends me an e-mail whenever new opportunities are found:


The has found changes to the available flying opportunities for you in Trollbäcken:

New opportunities:
Friday 15:00 (2010-04-23) [wind 2.0m/s, precipitation 0.0mm, cloud cover 43.0%]
Friday 22:00 (2010-04-23) [wind 2.0m/s, precipitation 0.0mm, cloud cover 100.0%]

Lost opportunities:

Triggering condition was:
MicroPlaneFlyCondition [wind speed <= 2.0, precipitation <= 1.0, 5 <= time <= 22]

/WindBot v0.0.3


Lovely! 🙂

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