Flight Recorder and Mission Control Sessions at JavaOne 2017

So, I did a quick search for Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder related sessions, and these are the ones I found:

Session Title

Session ID


Start Time

End Time


Distributed JVM Monitoring and Profiling Made Simple CON6836 2017-10-03
8:30 9:15 Moscone West – Room 2022
The Art of Performance Tuning CON4027 2017-10-03
9:30 10:15 Moscone West – Room 2022
Distributed Application Diagnostics Made Simple in Next-Gen Oracle Cloud CON6529
12:45 13:30 Moscone West – Room 3924
From Concept to Robotic Overlord with Robo4J CON3021 2017-10-03
15:00 15:45 Moscone West – Room 2009
G1GC Concepts and Performance Tuning CON4577 2017-10-04
12:45 13:30 Moscone West – Room 2016
Java Flight Recorder in JDK 9/Java Mission Control 6 HOL3018 2017-10-04
13:30 15:30 Hilton San Francisco Union Square (Lobby Level) – Golden Gate 4/5
Deep Diagnostics: APM and Oracle Java Flight Recorder in Oracle Cloud CON6916 2017-10-04
14:45 15:30 Moscone West – Room 2005

Let me know if I missed any session!

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