Getting JRockit Stack Dumps

Sometimes it may seem hard to get a simple thread stack dump from your JRockit. You may for instance have started it using the -Xnohup (-Xrs) option, or as a service. I’ll list three different ways of looking at your threads in such situations.

The first way of getting your thread dump is to use jrcmd. My previous blog shows some basic jrcmd usage, so I’ll just mention the command name: print_threads. Basic usage is jrcmd <PID> print_threads, for example jrcmd 780 print_threads.

The second way is to simply start the management console on the JRockit you want to monitor. After connecting the console to the JVM and switching to the threads view, you should be looking at something similar to the screen shot below.


The third way is to use the MBean Browser’s capability to invoke arbitrary operations on MBeans (also described in the last blog). Go to the MBean Browser in the JRockit Management Console. Select the DiagnosticCommand MBean, and switch to the operations tab. Select the execute operation that takes a String argument and returns a String. Click the String button, and fill in the argument print_threads.


When you execute the operation you should see something like this:


There are also ways of doing this programmatically, for example by using the JRockit JMAPI, or by invoking the execute operation programmatically as described in another old blog.

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