The Water Leak

This is totally ridiculous. A few weeks ago the first catastrophe struck in my very expensive, quite recently (4-5 years) built house. I came home from work and water was flowing out from the garage. A flexible pipe in my garage, the one bringing water to my heater, had ruptured. It had, interestingly enough, rusted.

The insurance company came along, tore down the inner walls and put drying equipment in the garage. They do insist, however, that the broken pipe isn’t covered by the insurance, and that I ought to pay for the guys who fixed that problem myself.

Incidentally, the two people who fixed the broken pipe were on site for less than an hour fixing the problem, and are charging me for eight hours. Anyway…

Next catastrophe occurred just a few days ago, when a hard rain storm hit Stockholm. It suddenly started trickling water from through the outer walls that had been laid bare by the removal of the inner walls by the insurance company. It was quite evident that something is the matter with the moist barrier to the rear of the house.

Experts say that there is probably just one way to proceed, and that is to dig up all around the house, and have a closer look at the foundation. There goes the lawn, the nice patio on the rear… Aaaaaaargh!

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