Speaking at Java One and Oracle Develop India!

I will be presenting the following two sessions at Java One in Hyderabad next week:

Thursday, May 3
Time Room Title Abstract Type
17:30-18:20 Hall 5 HotRockit: What to Expect from Oracle’s Converged JVM

Oracle is converging the HotSpot and Oracle JRockit JVMs to produce a “best-of-breed JVM.” Internally, the project is sometimes referred to as the HotRockit project. This presentation discusses what to expect from the converged JVM over the next two years and how this will benefit the Java community.

Conference Session Core Java Platform
Friday, May 4
Time Room Title Abstract Type
11:30-13:15 Flexi 1 Production-Time Problem Solving

This tutorial looks at some common problems and pitfalls in Java applications. It focuses on noninvasive profiling and diagnostics of running production systems. Problems tackled:

  • Excessive GC
  • Finding hotspots and optimizing them
  • Optimizing the choice of data structures
  • Synchronization problems
  • Finding out where exceptions are thrown
  • Finding memory leaks

    The presentation demonstrates all problems and solves them, running both the bad-behaving applications and the tools to analyze them from within the Eclipse Java IDE with Oracle JRockit Mission Control Release 4.1.

  • Hands-On Labs

    Looking forward to seeing you there! Ler


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