Speaking at Java One Moscow!

I will be presenting the following two sessions at Java One in Moscow next week:

Tuesday, April 17
Time Room Title Abstract Type
17:30-18:15 Green Room What’s New in Oracle JRockit Mission Control

The latest version of JRockit Mission Control is a very potent suite of Java tools for monitoring, managing, profiling, finding latency related problems and hunting for memory leaks in Java applications. This talk will start with a quick re-cap of the major JRockit Mission Control tools, then quickly move on to discuss some exciting features available in the most recently available version of JRockit Mission Control.

Hands-on Lab
Java Core Platform
Wednesday, April 18
Time Room Title Abstract Type
11:30-13:15 Java One HOL Room Production-Time Problem Solving

This tutorial looks at some common problems and pitfalls in Java applications. It focuses on noninvasive profiling and diagnostics of running production systems. Problems tackled:

  • Excessive GC
  • Finding hotspots and optimizing them
  • Optimizing the choice of data structures
  • Synchronization problems
  • Finding out where exceptions are thrown
  • Finding memory leaks

    The presentation demonstrates all problems and solves them, running both the bad-behaving applications and the tools to analyze them from within the Eclipse Java IDE with the upcoming Oracle JRockit Mission Control Release 4.1.

  • Hands-On Labs

    Looking forward to seeing you there! Ler


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