Mission Control and Time Zones

Sometimes when you use Mission Control remotely, or when analyzing a Flight Recording from a computer in another time zone, you may want to use the same time zone in the Mission Control client as the remote computer. You may, for instance, have access to logs where the time stamps are in the remote computer’s time zone, and you would want all the time stamps in the Flight Recorder user interface to be in the same time zone. Of course, one way to do this is to change the time zone of the computer running the Mission Control client. However, an easier way is to add the user.timezone parameter to the Mission Control launcher, like this:

jrmc -J-Duser.timezone=PST

Substitute PST for the time zone needed, e.g. EST, GMT, CET.

On some machines you will not be able to use abbreviated time zone names. On such machines, simply use the full time zone name, such as America/Los_Angeles. You can hook up the Mission Control Console to itself to verify that the time zone was properly set:
JRMC Console

4 Responses to "Mission Control and Time Zones"

  1. Veerendra says:

    Hi Hirt,
    I get below warning when I pass in the above flag. I have tried passing both -J-Duser.timezone=PST and -Duser.timezone=PST. Also I am trying with jmc from JDK 1.8. Could you please advice if there is any way for setting timezone preference:

    Mar 21, 2019 7:58:50 AM com.jrockit.mc.rcp.application.ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor execute
    WARNING: Unknown command ‘Duser.timezone=UTC’. Error found at row 0, from position 0 to 17

  2. Marcus says:

    Sure – I think you should either be able to add it to the jmc.ini (under -vmargs), or add -vmargs -Duser.timezone=PST to the command line, like so: jmc -vmargs -Duser.timezone=PST

    Happy JMC-ing!

  3. Bhavesh says:

    Is there a way to generate jfr file with a specific timezone(which is different from the timezone of remote computer), instead of we converting it to a required timezone in jmc.
    Our application is on a public cloud and all our application logs are logged with UTC timezone. It would help to have co-relating the logs & jfr showing UTC time.

  4. Marcus says:

    The JFR file is already timestamped in UTC. The blog post tells you how you can override JMC to show all timestamps in UTC in JMC always. I’ve added an issue here to make it configurable from within JMC as well:

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