JavaOne / Oracle Open World 2011 Update

There has been a slight update to the schedule. The HOL on Wednesday has been moved to 10:15. The finalized schedule is thus:

This year my sessions are:

Day Time TItle Location Type Length Session ID
Monday 11:00 Production-Time Problem Solving

Hilton San Francisco – Franciscan Room A/B/C/D

HOL 2h




HotRockit: What to Expect from Oracle’s Converged JVM

Hilton San Francisco – Yosemite A/B/C




Tuesday 13:30

What’s New in Oracle JRockit Mission Control?

Parc 55 – Market Street

Session 1h


Wednesday 10:15

Production-Time Problem Solving

Marriott Marquis – Salon 3/4

HOL 1h


Other sessions by the JRockit gang include:

Day Time TItle Location Type Length Session ID
Tuesday 20:30

Meet the JDK Project Leads

Hilton San Francisco – Plaza A/B

BoF 45min 25148
Wednesday 10:00 Showdown at the JVM Corral: Java 7 Edition

Hilton San Francisco – Plaza A/B

Panel 1h 23832

Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco! Smile    



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