So, this is quite old news. Well, 8 weeks to be precise. Not to mention that it really has nothing to do with Java or programming. That said, I felt I should put something here on the blog. The 12th of December Malin (my wife) gave birth to two healthy babies: Sebastian and Julia.

Sebastial left, Julia (yawning) right. Both a few days old. Julia left, Sebastian right. Both a few days old.

The past few weeks have been difficult but rewarding. Very few things beat having two infants snoozing on your chest. That said, last week was hell, with the entire family sick. Now everyone is more or less well, but Julia is still fighting her cold. Since human infants are obligate nasal breathers, she gets  terrified once in a while when she can’t breathe through her nose.

Both Malin and I are a bit sleep deprived at this point. Can’t wait for them to sleep for larger continuous periods of time. Just a few months to go *fingers crossed*… Zzzzzzz…