EclipseCon 2011

I sadly could not make it to EclipseCon last year. It was sad for so many reasons, not the least being that Sweden during that part of the year is cold and dark. 😉 This year, however, I will be contributing two talks:


HotRockit – What to Expect from Oracle’s Converged JVM

Oracle is converging the HotSpot and JRockit JVMs to produce a "best of breed JVM". Internally the project is sometimes referred to as the HotRockit project. There is already a large influx of ideas and solutions provided by the JRockit JVM into the Open JDK.

Examples of improvements include:

  • Better monitoring and profiling
  • Improved performance
  • Better ergonomics

This talk will discuss what to expect from the converged JVM over the next two years, and how this will benefit the Eclipse community.

Production-time Problem Solving in Eclipse

This session will look at some common problems and pitfalls in Java applications. The focus will be on non-invasive profiling and diagnostics of running production systems. Problems tackled will be:

    • Excessive GC

    • Finding hotspots and optimizing them

    • Optimizing the choice of data structures

    • Synchronization problems

    • Finding out where exceptions are thrown

    • Finding memory leaks

      All problems will be demonstrated and solved running both the bad-behaving applications and the tools to analyze them from within the Eclipse Java IDE.


      I hope to meet you there!