Oh dear, I seem to be a hacker!

So, here I went along and thought I had something unique going on in my life. A unique blend of musical aptitude, computers and even martial arts.

Then I came across this FAQ by Eric Raymond and it even seems there is a name for it – “hacker”. Now, in my mind the word “hacker” has always been associated with criminal activity involving computers and/or someone who always favours shortcuts over well-designed solutions when developing software.

If a hacker is generally defined as decribed in Eric Raymond’s FAQ, I’ll just go ahead and accept my loss of uniqueness and instead take great pride in being a hacker. 🙂

Scrum & DSDM

Just stumbled across this article on the common ground and differences between DSDM and Scrum:


I’ve always held DSDM close at heart, as DSDM was my very first contact with the ideas that sparked the agile revolution.

As most seasoned Agile practitioners, I tend to practice neither DSMD nor Scrum but rather whatever blend of the different Agile methods or frameworks that happens to suit the current situation. Still, DSDM contains a lot of good material and white papers for using the approach in less common situations, as well as good tips on how to manage risks when using agile approaches in difficult situations, such a geographically disparate teams.

Recommended reading! 🙂